Bathroom vanity sinks
Bathroom vanity sinks

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  • Porcelain Sink

    With a more than five-year export experience in North America and a deep understanding of the market demand for porcelain sink, you can find all kinds of porcelain from boma with the most competitive price. The best sale items are oval and rectangular undermount sinks. cUPC & CSA approval sinks are with the quality equivalent to Kohler, American Standard, Decolav, ToTo and other international brand.

  • Glass Sink

    Glass vessel sinks are an iconic feature of modern design, so it isn’t surprising that many modern bathroom vanities come paired with them. These sinks are relatively simple, with a solid glass construction and smooth bowl shape, and are designed to sit on top of the vanity like an updated modern washbasin. The biggest appeal of this type of sink is simply that they look great; they come in an amazing variety of colors and designs tha...

  • Stone Sink

    Stone sinks made out of natural stone such as granite, marble, travertine and onyx are unique pieces of art that are hand crafted out of the finest natural stone nature can offer. Refining materials that have been millions of years in the making to create the ultimate bathroom stone vessel sinks is a goal that has been surpassed by the artisans who create our stone sinks. We offer many types of sinks made of stone including granite, marble, trave...